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Dr. Lengyel has an office-based practice where she coaches patients on how to ‘Live Healthier Longer’ by taking a more active role in their own health.

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Through a Personal Health Evaluation, Dr. Lengyel demonstrates the impact your lifestyle has on your health and how to achieve optimal vitality.

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Success Stories

Read more about what our wonderful clients have to say about how they took charge of their own health and made optimum health a reality.

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Located in Villa Park, California, next to the city of Orange, our medical center is an Integrated Association of Independent Practitioners.

When you work with Dr. Lengyel, you work with a caring practitioner who: 

  • Carefully listens to your concerns, then considers the whole person when assessing and treating your health needs. Physical, mental, environmental, genetic and emotional factors all play an important role in health.
  • Uses objective testing for evaluating your health and nutritional status.
  • Uses science-based natural therapies that are non-invasive, safe and gentle.  Avoids therapies that merely mask symptoms and may actually interfere with healing.
  • Promotes habits that support a long, healthy lifespan. Current research shows that 75% of your health is determined by your lifestyle.
  • Removes obstacles to health such as environmental toxins thereby supporting the body's innate ability to heal itself.
  • Directs treatment at the cause of problems, rather than at the symptoms.
  • Coaches you on how to take charge of your own health and restore your youthful vitality.